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Print it yourself!

Just print your roll material yourself! By using the JUPITER Digital Printing Line in a blink you produce customer-oriented batch sizes on an industrial capacity level with a brilliant printing quality! The use of modern single-pass digital printing technology allows you to react fast, flexibly and cost-effectively to individual customer wishes and market trends.

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Revolutionary technology!

From now on your products are decorated using the innovative single-pass digital printing process. Herefore the printing station for working widths of up to 1400 mm is fully equipped with printing heads. Combined with a continuous transport system, working from roll to roll, the JUPITER Digital Printing Line prints the particular running meters of the wished decor nearly without set-up times. At printing speeds between 25 and 50 m/min. an optical resolution of over 1000 dpi even fulfils highest quality requirements. 

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By experience & know-how

A wealth of experiences and a profound technical know-how out of over 110 years in industrial machinery and plant manufacturing served Hymmen as a development basis of todays industrial compatible JUPITER single pass digital printing technology. Line experiences from other application fields of the large range of products delivered an ideal starting point for the integration of this technology into industrial production plants.

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